Presence through Movement with Kim Eng

“The present moment is an embodied realization. Accessing the power of presence is more than a physical experience – it is the alignment of body, mind, and spirit with the Source.” — Kim Eng

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What Is Presence Through Movement?

. . . a unique and practical approach to accessing the present moment.

Presence through Movement is a way to step more fully into the expression of your authentic self, that is who you are in your essence. In this practice, we use the vehicle of the physical form as a gateway to aligning body, mind, and soul with the one consciousness or spirit which we are all a part. It is designed with the aim of accelerating our spiritual awakening process.

Kim Eng created Presence through Movement (PTM) inspired by an intuitive impulse that arose during formal sitting meditation. Originally emphasizing body-based practices such as Tai’ Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga, PTM has evolved into a multifaceted approach combining the teachings of Kim’s partner, Eckhart Tolle, with movement, meditation, contemplation, and self inquiry.

How does it work? As Kim explains, “When our sense of well-being is compromised with stress, negativity, and fear, our bodies become contracted and energetically out of alignment. This contraction and misalignment affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Presence through Movement helps you become more aware of your inner reality, including your emotions, as well as your mind and it’s thought processes that may have contributed to the dis- ease. As a portal to the formless dimension within, PTM enables us to return to wholeness and inner balance, resulting in an ease and flow with the present moment. It aligns you with your true nature, which is awareness or consciousness.”


Presence through Movement with Kim Eng

Join Kim Eng as she guides you on a journey to experience the joy of being — a state of vibrant aliveness and inner peace — realized through inner alignment with the present moment. Presence through Movement is a unique workshop created by Kim Eng that uses the practice of Qi Flow Yoga and movement to focus on the transformation of consciousness through the integration of mind, body and spirit.

Inspired by t’ai chi, yin yoga, and qigong, Kim fuses these ancient practices with meditation to focus your energy inward and open a doorway to moments of stillness to help you connect with the deeper dimension within yourself. Our energy is meant to flow freely through our body, but when we are completely identified with the incessant stream of compulsive thinking, energy blockages develop in our body.

The Light of the World a Retreat With Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng

Dates: April 23-26, 2020
Teacher: Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng
Location: Phoenix, Arizona



The Depths of Being a Retreat With Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng

Dates:October 4-9, 2020
Teacher: Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng
Location: Maui, Hawaii



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About Kim Eng

Kim Eng is the creator of Presence through Movement (PTM), a unique, powerful, and practical approach to accessing the present moment through the body and through movement. This meditative movement practice was inspired by and draws from the ancient mystical teachings of qigong, t’ai chi, yoga, as well as the spiritual insights of Eckhart Tolle—yet it is not affiliated with any particular religion, culture, or form of yoga.

As a facilitator of Presence through Movement, Kim travels and works extensively with her teaching partner Eckhart Tolle, the author of the best selling books The Power of Now and A New Earth. Kim has developed a teaching approach that incorporates and complements Eckhart’s teachings. Her work translates these teachings into a structured, embodied practice to support the arising of presence and the awakening of consciousness.

Kim has offered retreats and workshops in North America, Europe, and Australia. She is the author of two instructional DVDs on Presence through Movement—Qi Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga—and of two audio-learning programs, Meditations for A New Earth and Resist Nothing, featuring practical ways to overcome our inner obstacles to presence.

Kim was born in Vancouver, Canada. Her spiritual search began in the early 1980s. She met Eckhart in 1998, and soon after underwent a transformational spiritual experience while attending one of his retreats. This was followed by seven years of intense spiritual training, after which she began counseling and teaching.

Kim sees our true nature—our essence—as living in and through our human bodies. Through movement and through our bodies, we can return to and awaken to pure presence and oneness—to who we are beyond the thinking mind and egoic sense of self—accessing infinite power and creativity.

“When we are connected to Source, and body-mind-spirit are aligned—when we realize who we are at the core of our being—we blossom into our life purpose,” she says. “We cannot help but do so. And that is how we create what Eckhart Tolle calls ‘a new earth.’”

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Presence through Movement
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